Early bird filipino market experience
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market fishWhat a better place than the market to feel the Filipino vibes? The Daraga town is famous in the province to have the most colorful market. For an hour, you will join Jess or Caren at the local wet market, a perfect showcase for Daraga’s abundant organic produce.

Starting at the veggies & fruits, you will see an array of greens coming from the backyard of the local farmers. They will explain you why the bicol province is known as the spiciest province in all Philippines. You will see how coconut milk is extracted from coconut and turned into succulent dishes. Green papaya, water chestnuts, root crops, different banana species, kangkong, santol, purupagulong, apay, they’re all here! Take the great opportunity to be in the market to support Filipino farming.
Surrounded by sea, the Philippines is famous for fishes, hence the Daraga market section is not to be outnumbered. Here, fresh supply of fish comes every day from nothing less than the great Pacific Ocean, which is only 5 km away. Here you can find fresh tuna, stingray, crabs, squids, the humble galunggung, proud lapu-lapu, maya-maya, sapsap, tanguigie, talaba and much much more.

Duration 1 hour, all year long
Departure Time Early morning before breakfast (6 am)
Price per person in PHP

Group size (persons)

1 2 3 4

Market Experience

570 300 210 170
Transportation Tricycle
+ of the tour Great opportunity to see local farming product, try the putu (rice cakes)

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