Camping experience at the coconut farm
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camping 3This is definitely a unique experience in Balay de la Rama! Exclusive to our guests we are offering an
authentic camping night in the coconut farm. Welcomed by some fresh coconuts, you will be taught how to prepare your tent for the night (if you are a camping novice), amidst the sound of singing mountain crickets.

Caren will prepare you her famous soy sauce & lemon- marinated meat and squids, just perfect for barbeque. You will prepare the fire, gather round with your friends over nighttime stories. You will have all the luxury to take plenty of pictures of the sunset with the mount Mayon in the background. Around 8 pm, the dinner should be served… Marinated squids and meats with perfectly smoked and barbequed, lovely! Water is complementary; beers and alcohol are exclusive of the price of the camping experience. What is better to keep night butterfly awake than a nice wooden fire.
If you’ve had some high-packed activity in the daytime and would need our help to set up the tents (maximum 2 persons per tent ), don’t worry, it will be installed and will welcome you for a comfortable night. Jess will welcome you with a sweet breakfast in the morning, before bringing you back to the
bed & breakfast.

Duration 1 night until morning next day, all year long
Departure Time Early evening, 4pm
Price per person in PHP

Group size (persons)

1 2 3 4 5 6

Camping Experience

2300 1200 860 700 600 530
including dinner and breakfast (2 pers. min). Exclusive: beer and alcohol.
Transportation Only hiking
+ of the tour Sleeping to the sound of frogs and crickets, waking up to the crow of the roosters and dampness of fresh mountain dew!

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