All Terrain Vehicle Tour
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Lava FrontWith the ATV (All Terrain Vehicule) you will be able to explore for a couple of ours the slopes of Mt Mayon. The tour will typically bring you to the Mt Mayon lava front and beautiful views can be seen on all albay from there. On the way, you will have the chance to watch various landscapes & vegetations unique to Mt Mayon and meet local communities. Don't miss this activity which is a lot of fun overall!

Duration From 1 hour to 4 hours
Departure Time Anytime
Price per ATV in PHP
150cc/ 1-2 hours (1 pax) 150cc/ 3-4 hours (1 pax) 500cc/ 2 hours (2 pax)
1800 2500 3500
Exclusive Drinking water
Inclusive Pick up/ Drop off at Balay de la Rama & ATV rental
Travel safe Balay de la Rama is selecting the best contractor for his quests. Be informed that Balay de la Rama is not responsable for any issues during the trip. Please travel safe during your trip. Be aware ATV activities requires people to be in good physical conditions.

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