Mount Mayon climbing

Mount Mayon 3

The best time to climb Mount Mayon will be between February to April. Climbing the Mount Mayon is highly depending of the weather condition and volcano activity. Balay de la Rama is closely monitoring weather and volcano seismology. Please visit for more info. There are severals camps on the slopes of Mount Mayon:

  • Base camp (250m above see level): the camp is accesible by car, this is the start of the trekking.
  • Camp 1 (750m above sea level): at around 2 hours away , it lies at the foot of the slope of the mountain.  
  • Camp 2 (1800m above sea level): is situated beside a dry waterfall bed or popularly known as the “gulley” or “water source”, climbers reach this camp site after a four to five hour long trek and climb from the base camp. Camp 2 also offers spectacular view of the city of Legazpi and the ocean.

From Camp 2, there would be a 5 to 7 hours hard trek to reach the crater of Mount Mayon.  Trekkers would be passing straight up the gulley towards the summit.  This part of the leg is definitely not for the weak as this is best recommended for intermediate or advanced climbers.  Upon reaching the summit, you will be rewarded with an unbelievable view of the Legaspi City and the islands beside it . Balay de la Rama isofferingseveral packages:

  • 2 Day/ 1night up to the crater
  • 1 day to camp 1
  • 1 day to camp 2


Duration 1 or 2 days depending of the treks
Departure Time Early morning (8am)
Price per person in PHP

Group size (persons)

1 2 3 4

2 Day Climb to summit

10350 6600 5850 5600

1 Day Climb to Camp 2

5170 4200 3900 3500

1 Day Climb to Camp 1

4020 3000 2920 2800
Exclusive Trail snacks and drinking water
Inclusive Local mountain and assistant guide (2 to 1 ratio), packed lunch, Environmental fees and registration, DENR Permit to climb and Roundtrip transportation from Legazpi City to jump off point (tricycle)
Travel Safe Balay de la Rama is selecting the best contractor for his quests. Be informed that Balay de la Rama is not responsable for any issues during the trip. Please travel safe during your trip.

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