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Rich variety of dried fish from the market

market fish

Balay de la Rama’s breakfast

market fish

Organic fruits and local produce

Coming to Balay de la Rama will make you experince a real filipino breakfast. Depending of the day of you stay you will have the choice between:

The Farmer Favourite
Filipino farmers have to wake up early and needs to be packed with energy for a day's toil in the sun. Tapa (marinated dried beef) comes with rice, egg, side servings of tomato and cucumber, as well coffee and/or tea. It is the perfect way to start the day !

The Yummy & Fatty Breakfast
Spanish influence at its best, Longganisa ( Filipino version of chorizo) is pork sausage full of garlic, pepper and of course, yummy fat. It comes with rice, egg, sliced tomato and that favored side dish, the achara- a local pickled papaya recipe or vinegar-garlic sauce, plus a hot cup of coffee or tea!

Anina's Choice
Anina (that cute and feisty little girl running around the house once in a while) loves having Purefood's Hotdog for breakfast and so does a lot of children, and, shamelessly, adult Filipinos too! We decided to include Anina's favorite breakfast in our menu, and it goes together with egg, rice, cucumber , coffee and/or tea.

The Colonial Choice
Who doesn't like a good colonial Burger and satisfy our guilty pleasures once in a while? It's not exactly Filipino style but a bit of American love doesn't hurt. It comes with rice, fried egg, sliced cucumber and tomatoes for that healthy dose of veggies, and coffee or tea to wake you up.

The Cowboy's Breakfast
Delicious , soft and moist, Corned Beef is fried with fresh onions to bring out that cowboy in you! It comes with rice, fried egg, sliced cucumber and tomatoes. Together with coffee and/or tea, its gonna make you, Moooo.

Poor Man's Breakfast(
Balay de la Rama's best seller is Poor Man's Breakfast- it will make you truly rich in stomach!  Tinapa (fried smoked fish) is lovely together with tomatoes and soy sauce dip with onion and garlic. It comes with rice, egg and cucumber, and a good cup of coffe and/or tea. Hmmm!

Light Native Sunday
Time to relax, after all its Sunday! Why not try traditional Filipino pastry at its best? There is hot Pan de Sal, with its yummy, oven-baked scent you can smell even from far away? There is also Puto (white rice cake), Kuchinta (red sticky rice cake) topped with grated coconut. If you wake up early enough, you can even hear the Puto Man selling his wares from the streets. These come great with seasonal fruits like banana and mangoes, as well as a cup of coffe and/or tea.


Most of our fruits & vegetables are produced in our coconut farm and are 100% organic