Refreshing Garden in front of Balay

Balay de la Rama has a total of 6 rooms, 4 deluxe and 2 standard pls. All our rooms are going with Aircon facilities, free wifi and breakfast included.

Our rooms are furnished with local indigenous filipino material. All our rooms are furnished with queen size beds. Floors are wooden floors and ceilings are covered with abaca native product. Some of our rooms have a private balcony with a direct view on Mount Mayon. The size of the rooms goes from 15 to 25 m2 depending of the room type. This can accomodate a maximum of 2 people. A unique extra bed can be added on demand with additional cost associated. Balay de la Rama is surrounded by a wonderful garden which breaks fresh air inside the house.

Each of our rooms have a special ambiance, which make it unique:

Hardin room
Deluxe room, AC, for 2 people
Directly facing our garden, this is the biggest room of the house. Perfectly located under the shaddow Mango tree, this room decorated with taste offers western standard.

Deluxe « Mango » room with the view on the garden

Mayon room
Deluxe room, AC, for 2 people
With its private balcony with the view on Mt Mayon, this room will make yo u want to stay longer in Balay de la Rama

Ibon room
Standard Plus room, AC, for 2 people
Named after the birds which are coming to seat in the Mango tree, you will be surprised by the refreshment brought from the tree.

Hangin room
Deluxe room, AC, for 2 people
No room is cooler than this one, enjoy the wind blowing inside the room.

Mangga room
Standard Plus room, AC, for 2 people
This will be the best place for you to observed the Mango's seating in the tree.... This was the oldest room in the house

Calacucci room
Deluxe room, AC, for 2 people
This is the other room with a private balcony and a view on Mount Mayon, ask our staff to serve yor breakfast there.


Our lounge made of native material

View of Mount Mayon from the back of the house